About Common Task

Neocosmism is the leading ideological framework within an alternative Russia, emerging just before Perestroika (1984) and projected into a speculative future (approx. 2050). The system is inspired by Russian Cosmism’s founding father Nikolai Fedorov and his common task of achieving biological immortality for humankind.

Neocosmists strive to overcome the human, bodily condition and eventually become post-human, that is to say virtual. They aim so by performing an extensive data gathering and daily backups in hope that one day their consciousnesses will be simulated and networked within a timeless, post-body society.

The aim of Common Task is not only to speculate about a possible alternative system that draws on a relationship between technology and religion, but to illustrate that what we perceive to be reality is just a matter of perspective and interpretation.

On this homepage you can find a range of elements the Neocosmist ideology would have shaped differently, including architecture, advertisement, rituals and symbols. We invite you to browse the interactive elements and watch fragments of a short movie, both developed at “The New Normal” educational program of Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design in Moscow.

The team behind Common Task:

Alina Nazmeeva, Architect
Jariyaporn Prachasartta, Architect
Konstantin Mitrokhov, Media Artist
Michaela Büsse, Cultural Researcher

For further inquiries regarding the full-length movie, please contact Konstantin Mitrokhov or Michaela Büsse.